Maximum Strength Hair Growth Cream. Contains MINOXIDIL (same growth steroid used in Rogain). This cream is to be used on thinning hair , bald spots and for everyday styling. In addition to growth, this cream will add shine , softness and strength to your hair. ————————————————————INGREDIENTS: Chebe, Aloe Vera properties , Kokum Butter , Illipe Butter , Coconut Oil, Argan Oil , Minoxidil, Vegetable Glycerin ————————————————————-•ThinningSection Your hair in four sections, divide each section and apply your cream directly to your scalp, conclude with a scalp massage (repeat once daily) •Bald spots Alopecia Apply cream directly to affected area conclude with a scalp massage (Three times daily) •Hair Strength/ Styling Section your hair in two sections, apply cream to each section and detangle.Style as desired.

REGAIN hair Grwoth Tonic


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