APPLICATOR SPATULA INCLUDED WITH 8ozOur Restorative mask is delicate enough to not irritate soft skin but powerful enough to remove your most stubborn breakouts over night. __________________________________________A weekly healing clay treatment will replenish your skin's natural reserves. But using the clay mask daily and leaving it for about an hour will give you great supple skin. ... Applying our Restorative Mask on your face can be one of the most relaxing things you can do every day.Bonus: Works Amazing for a fast over night spot treatment, dries tight to yank stubborn toxins and dirt out of your pores .Keep refrigerated

Indian Healing Clay Restorative mask

  • Apply to dry or wet skin. 

    Cover your entire face with youe  restorative mask.  Allow your mask at least 15 minutes to dry completely. Rinse mask with cool water. Repeat twice daily for extreme breakouts.