The Mar’Aloe Organic Hibiscus Himalayan Toner gently balances the skin with floral goodness. The added apple cider vinegar provides excellent clarifying properties as aloe vera juice keeps skin feeling fresh.

Hydrating Hibiscus. Hydrosols, also known as "flower waters," are produced by distilling fresh leaves, fruits, and flowers. Featuring hibiscus and witch hazel hydrosols and other hydrating ingredients, this toner leaves skin light and tight.

Hibiscus hydrosol (organic): This hibiscus hydrosol (floral water) has a natural cleansing effect, so a little on the skin will help keep skin clean throughout the day. Hibiscus tones the skin, leaving it smooth and balanced.

Aloe vera juice (organic) Natural hormones—auxin and gibberellins—help heal wounds and reduce skin inflammation. While gibberellins stimulate the growth of new cells and auxin helps improve the natural firmness of skin.

Hibiscus Himalayan Skin Toner